Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Industrial Equipment


The purpose of Fram Fram is simple: we connect buyers with the stuff they want, and help sellers dispose of the stuff they don’t. We work with lenders as well as businesses large and small to recapitalize under used or surplus capital assets. From single machines to entire plants, we offer solutions catered to each unique situation. We do it all–outright purchases for a fast and simple transaction, multi-stage liquidation, auctions, and everything in between. We have solutions that solve problems. Our goal is to provide the solution that best resolves the seller’s unique situation.

We pride ourselves on providing industry leading buyer experiences. Using technology to more accurately represent what we sell, we aim to reduce doubt in the buying experience. More and more equipment sales happen on the Internet, where the buyer won’t see their purchase until it arrives. Our solutions ensure that every item we sell is accurately and completely represented to get the buyer’s attention and market the product effectively.

Since 2004, Russ Hilk has liquidated over $50 million dollars in capital equipment. From multimillion-dollar facilities to two dollar end mills, everything is sold with a keen eye to the buyer and seller’s best interests. Our main warehouse is located in New Hope, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) but we work on a national scale. Having dedicated warehouse space allows us to provide storage options when assets need to be relocated and it also provides a central hub for multi-client auctions. We are ready to discuss your needs.